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Kayaking on a beautiful sunny Valentines Day! Just love Cornish sunshine in February

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A beautiful Valentines Day February morning, the sun shining, a light wind, what better place to be than kayaking on the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek.

Kayaking along Frenchman’s Creek

The sparton ancient oak trees glistening in the February early spring sunshine and not a breath of wind, paddling to the sound of woodpeckers and silence. Not another sole about apart from the wildlife.

Herons glide through the air as we paddle along Frenchman’s Creek and lovely duck couple sit on a fallen tree enjoying basking in the sunshine, not long until the ducklings arrive perhaps.

Herons on Frenchman’s Creek

Three herons enjoying the sunshine on Frenchman’s Creek

A couple of ducks on Frenchman’s Creek













Fab to be wearing sunglasses in February in the UK!

So fab to be wearing sunglasses too in February! Cornwall in the sunshine is just the best place to be! Fancy joining us on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures, the forecast is looking great too!

Kayaking on the Helford this February half term

By | Kayaking News

The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming, spring has arrived in Cornwall, what better time to get out on the water in a Koru Kayak!

We’ll be running our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures, along the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek from the Budock Vean Hotel, daily through February Half Term.

Here are the kayak adventures times:

18 Feb 2pm

19 Feb 2pm

20 Feb 3pm

21 Feb 3.30pm

25 Feb 10am

26 Feb 10am

27 Feb 10am

28 Feb 10am

1 Mar 10am

2 Mar 1pm

Turtle Conservation on the Mekong River – Cambodia

By | Kayaking News, Koru Adventures Abroad

Just 24 kilometres, an hour scooter ride from Kratie we discovered the Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre.

The centre conserves and rehabilitates a number of turtles either endangered or near extinct in Cambodia including the soft back turtle only rediscovered during a survey in 2007.

Turtle Conservation Centre, just outside Kratie, Cambodia

Soft Shell Turtles locations and biology

The surveyors uncovered a 24.2 pound soft back turtle in the Mekong, hard to believe when we were introduced to the baby soft back turtles at the centre.

Soft Back Turtle, Cambodia

The soft back turtles spend most of their time buried under the sand, only coming out to catch fish. According to our guide the turtles are popular with Chinese Medicine. The turtles can live upto 200 years old and so by eating them people believe it will prolong their life.

Buddhists Monks supporting the Mekong River Turtle Conservation Centre

However, with the help of Buddhist Monks, people are now being taught that preserving and releasing the turltes into the wild they will have a prolonged live. Looking at it from a different perspective! Read more about the soft shelled turtle on the WWF website. 

Turtle Species in Cambodia

There are at least 10 endangered or vulnerable turtles being conserved at the centre with the view to reinstate them into the wild in Cambodia. Here are just a couple we met.

This centre is well worth a visit if you are in the Kratie area. We were the only visitors and given invaluable tour.


Kayaking on the Mekong River with Irrawaddy Dolphins

By | Kayaking News, Koru Adventures Abroad

The Irrawaddy Dolphins are freshwater dolphins that feed off deep water fish in the Mekong River. The river in the Kratie Province of Eastern Cambodia has depths of up to 20 metres and so a great place to see the dolphins.

Endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, Kratie Province, Cambodia

There were 200 Irrawaddy Dolphins counted in 1997 by the WWF, but that number dropped significantly to just 80 in 2015 due to bycatch and habitat loss. Fortunately numbers are increasing according to the WWF with the last count at 92 in 2018.

Kayaking on the Mekong River it really feels untouched, but there is a fast current and so our guides at Sorya Kayak Adventures drove us 22km up river, from Kratie, to start our adventure.

The start was a calm and tranquil river, but soon we encountered minor rapids with rocks and fallen trees underneath which we were skilfully guided through them by our guides.

Sand Islands, Mekong River, Eastern Cambodia

After the rapids we moored up on a beautiful sandy island, which only appears during the dry season and enjoyed a swim. There were still small currents even here as the river flowed through.

Kayaking through the sunken forest, Mekong River, Eastern Cambodia

After our break we continued through rapids and through the sunken forest that is only visible during the dry season. The river rises by 8 metres in the rainy season covering everything but the tops of the trees.

Turning out of the forest we glimpsed our first Irrawaddy Dolphins. We were so fortunate as at least 20 breached whilst we were there.

Topped off with a sunset we paddled across the river and the current back towards Kratie in awe of these stunning creatures.

Sunset on the Mekong River, Eastern Cambodia

Winter Kayak Adventures and Sunsets!

By | Kayaking News

Kayaking along the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek is stunning all year round.

Kayaking along the Helford in December so peaceful

Magical kayaking under the ancient oak trees.

Holly and Ivy growing on the ancient oak tree branches, Frenchman’s Creek

Reflections on Frenchman’s Creek

Enjoy the reflections and sound of birdsong kayaking along the green waters of Frenchman’s Creek.

Enjoying sunset on the Helford

The only people on the water and the views down the Helford River towards the sea are simply stunning.

View to along the Helford River to the sea, not another boat in sight

Powders House below, enjoying the reflections and the kayaking to the sound of birdsong. Herons, Little Egrets, Oyster Catchers all spotted and kingfishers heard.

Kayaking along Frenchman’s Creek

Kayaking back to the Budock Vean Hotel foreshore, the fairy lights and beautiful twilight. If you would like to join us on a Winter Kayak Adventure get in touch. Gift Vouchers and Gift Bags are also available.

Christmas Markets 2018

By | Kayaking News

Here we are in December and Koru Kayaking will be out and about talking kayaking at the Christmas Markets! It all kicks off the weekend in Koru’s home town St Agnes this Friday eve at the St Agnes Late Night Shopping. We’ll be braving the elements in a Gazebo outside the St Agnes Church Hall next door to the Driftwood Spars Brewery gazebo. Then on Sunday we’ll be just around the corner from Cligga and the Prison in Perranporth at the Perranporth Christmas Market. The week after we’re heading to the big smoke, Cornwall’s capital Truro and have a indoor stand in the Truro Gift Fayre just outside M&S.

Koru’s Christmas Market Diary 2018 at a glance

7th December 5-9pm St Agnes Late Night Shopping (gazebo outside the Church Hall)

9th December 11am-5pm Perranporth Christmas Market (Perranporth High Street)

12th December 10am-9pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

13th December 10am-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

14th December 10am-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

15th December 9.30am-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

16th December 10am-4pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

17th December 10am-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

18th December 10am-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

19th December 10am-9pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

20th December 10m-5.30pm Truro Christmas Gift Fayre (Lemon Quay)

Hope we see you at some if not all of these. Cornwall is a great place to grab a festive break and enjoy the Christmas markets, there are some great accommodation deals at this time of year and there are some lovely beach walks to enjoy in between Christmas the markets! If you can’t make to the markets don’t worry you can always order your Koru Gifts through our online shop, give us call and we’ll post all orders out to you free of charge.

What Koru Kayaking Gifts are available? 

Gift Vouchers – for either our Frenchman’s Creek or North Coast 2 hour Kayak Adventures valid for 12 months

Koru Christmas Gift Bags – includes a Gift Vouchers for a 2 hour guided kayak adventure, Koru T shirt, Koru Car Sticker, 2019 Koru Wall Calendar (a donation from every sale goes to Surfers Against Sewage),

Koru 2019 Wall Calendars with envelope-  Scenes from the water along the St Agnes Coastline and Frenchman’s Creek (a donation from every sale goes to Surfers Against Sewage), we’ve raised £25 and it’s only the start of December!

A5 Koru Cards with envelope held together in a Christmas ribbon- Scenes from the water along the St Agnes Coastline and Frenchman’s Creek £2 each, 4 for £5,  12 for £10

Limited edition Koru T Shirts with image on the front and Discover Cornwall from a different perspective and logo on the back- Beach, The Prison or Seals


Koru kayak in Venice

By | Kayaking News, Koru Adventures Abroad

Koru on tour in Venice, November 2018. Tempted by the gondolas we couldn’t resist a guided kayak tour with Venice Kayak.

Setting off from Certosa Island, Venice

Starting from Certosa Island a remote island just off Venice. So peaceful with just one hotel, yachts and trees. A garrison in Napoleons era. We launch on calm waters, paddling towards the main island of Venice.

Kayaking on the lagoon towards St Mark’s Basilicca

With Venice in sight we were expertly guided across the Grand Canal, the sea, just like kayaking on our North Coast Kayak Adventure from St Agnes but no waves just the swell created by the passing boats.

Reaching the otherside we entered Venice city. What a magical place to see from a kayak especially as we could kayak where other boats and gondolas could not.

Kayaking through Venice

Meandering through the waterways under bridges and alongside stunning we buildings we were joined by a kingfisher!

Kingfisher on the canals of Venice

The buiding foundations were caked in orange sponge and oysters reminding us of the Helford and our Frenchmans Creek Kayak Adventures!

Yet the Gondolas are unique to Venice and so stunning to see gliding around the watery streets of Venice.

Kayaking under bridges among the gondolas


It’s incredible to think these buildings are built on marshes and have been here since the 1300s.

See below the hooks on the walls used by the skillful Venetian fishermen who tie up there boats and walk along the ledges to the doors.

The fishermen would climb using these hooks

Every thing happens on the water here, see below a book shop accessed from the water!

Doorway to a book shop

As the sun set, Venice lit up becoming a magical kingdom and so beautiful to paddle around especially those only accessible by kayak! Venice you are even more magical by kayak, big thanks to Venice Kayaks for a great tour!

Kayaking is an incredible way to see coastlines, waterways and now incredible cities!

Kayaking under bridges, Venice

Kayaking along the backwaters of Allepey, India

By | Kayaking News, Koru Adventures Abroad

In 2016 Koru Kayaking went to discover India by kayak and booked on a guided kayak tour with Kerela Kayaking as recommended in the Lonely Planet.

The back waters of Kerela are well known with house boats, once rice boats, cruising along the canals as house boats, former rice boats glide by.

Dropped off in the heart of the backwaters by narrowboat leaving the numerous housebaots behind on the larger canals.

We are taken by our guide alonf the smaller canals able to encouter the locals who live on the canals, some washing clothes and collecting water, whilst others bath in the water.  Our guide was informative and really smartly dressed for kayaking!

Our kayak guide, Kerela Kayaking

The backwaters are canals around the padi fields carved out by the British for ease of transport of the rice and irrigation. According to our guide, they areonly cleaned out every 3 months and so lots of greenery builds up.

Greenery builds up as the canals are cleaned out every 3 months

Rejoining the narrowboat were taken to a local cafe and were served up a delicious Dali on banana leaves – no waste here!

Kayaking in along the backwaters in India was a truely amazing experience and one not to be missed!


Autumnal Sunset Kayak Adventure

By | Kayaking News

Autumn boasts to stunning sunsets and with the evening’s drawing in they are getting earlier.  Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure is stunning at this time of year.

Kayaking under the ancient oak trees the ancient oak trees are turning from green to yellow and orange.

Kayaking under ancient oak trees touched with Autumn colours

The bright berries from holly trees in full bloom, the first hint of Christmas in nature.

Holly Bushes on Frenchman’s Creek, Helford River, Cornwall

Stunning wildlife in abundance with Little Egrets, herons, kingfishers and these lovely Swans with their cygnets. Pictured here on spring tide by Wytham Quay on Frenchman’s Creek, where we believe Daphne du Maurier moored up on honeymoon and the site where La Mouette were moored up waiting for the tide to rise in her novel ‘Frenchman’s Creek.

Swans and Cygnets on Wytham Quay, Frenchman’s Creek

Kayaking up towards the Helford on this afternoon kayak adventure towards a stunning sunset.

Kayaking up Frenchman’s Creek towards the Sunset

Join the adventure…