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“Helpful, Knowledgeable and Great Service” Koru recieves award at Cornwall Tourism Award 2017/8

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Koru Kayaking were awarded Bronze at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2017/8 in the Guided Tours category.

Described by judges as “Helpful, Knowledgeable and Great Service.”

Left to Right: Helen Glover OBE, Sue Bradbury (SBPR), Hetty Wildblood (Koru Kayaking), Tom Wildblood (Koru Kayaking)

The awards ceremony was held at Headland Hotel on Thursday 2nd November.

The Headland Hotel, Newquay

Tom Wildblood, Koru Kayaking said: “We are so happy to win this award and feel privileged to work in such a beautiful county which show cases itself.”

Tom Wildblood, Hetty Wildblood, Daisy Gates some of the Koru team

“We have a great team at Koru Kayaking and lovely customers. We also live in a great community in St Agnes and are thankful to all have supported our business there and at the Budock Vean, Helford River.”

Koru Kayaking offer 2 hour stunning guided kayak adventures on the North Coast (St Agnes) and Frenchmans creek (Helford River and creeks)!

Hetty Wildblood said: “We love what we do and we love guiding our customers and sharing our knowledge of Cornwalls Stunning coastline discovering Cornwall from a different perspective and are thrilled to win this award.”

Robin Barker, CEO of Services for Tourism, organised the event. He said:

These awards are not about being good.  They are about excellence in what is one of the world’s largest, fastest growing and most innovative industries. To be a winner, in a destination with the standing of Cornwall, is something all winners should take great pride in.”


Join us on a Koru kayak adventure this half term!

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Join our stunning guided kayak adventures from Wednesday, kayaking along the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek, with ancient oak forests a blaze of colour and an abundance of wildlife Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures.

There’s so much to see as you glide along the ancient oak lined banks of the infamous Frenchman’s Creek, the inspiration for Daphne du Marier’s novel of the same name. With shipwrecks, tales of the characters of the creek and an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.

To book your space call 0779 4321 827

We’re finalists in Cornwall Tourism Awards

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Our stunning guided kayak adventures on the North Coast along the St Agnes Coastline and South Coast along the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek, has been selected as a finalist in the Guided Tour of the Year Category in the 2017 Cornwall Tourism Awards.

We always delight in sharing our knowledge of the wildlife, tales of the area and history enhancing our customers experience on our guided kayak tours.

Couples, Groups, Families and individuals have all enjoyed our guided tours that run from February through to November, all enjoying our small group sizes up of upto 8-10 spaces per tour.

This is the first time we have been finalists, in 2016 we were awarded highly commendeded in the Artistic, Cultural & Learning Experience Award and Highly Commended in the Wildlife Friendly Tourism Business Award, but were thrilled be finalists this year in the new Guided Tours award, which is what we do!

There were 180 entries from tourism businesses throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly this year. Judging is rigourous and includes a three-stage process:an application,mystery visit and final decision forman independent panel.

The winners will be announced on 2 November at The Headland Hotel in Newquay. You can find out more about the awards at www.cornwalltourismawards.org.uk

For media enquiries:
Hetty Wildblood, Koru Kayaking 0794 102 7732

Video: Koru from Above, by Chris Lucas. Kayaking along the St Agnes Coastline.

Autumnal colours kayaking on The Helford

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The evenings are starting to draw in, the leaves starting to turn and the Helford River and it’s creeks become a blaze of colour.

A blaze of colour as the oak trees turn, bright blue skies, Port Navas Creek

Kayaking along in the Autumnal sunshine the skies so blue.

Kayaking along the Helford River with Autumnal blue skies

Fallen trees left to rot make stunning natural art and are enjoyed by an abundance birdlife including the common kingfisher, whose wings are cobalt blue and breast bright orange mimicking the autumnal colours.

Fallen trees, natures art, Frenchman’s Creek

In contrast the Little Egrets perch in trees with their bright white feathers looking like lanterns. Numbers swell at this time of the year and herons can also be seen along this stretch of waterway.

The Helford River was made a conservation are in 1987 and has a herony.

Herons ad Little Egrets


The sunsets can be stunning too with bright blue and pink clouds reflecting on the water.

Sunset on The Helford

Koru Kayaking offer Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures into December with the river becomes even more peaceful. Autumn is a fantastic time of year to kayak with wildlife in an abundance, quiet waters and stunning scenery.

Daphne du Maurier’s Honeymoon destination – Frenchman’s Creek

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Frenchman’s Creek is a tranquil ancient oak lined creek off the Helford River.

kayaking, frenchmans creek cornwall, uk, daphne du maruier

Kayaking along the tranquil ancient oak lined Frenchman’s Creek, Helford River, Cornwall

Cornwall was a popular holiday destination for the du Maurier family, they bought a house in Fowey in 1926.

In 1932 Daphne du Maurier married Major ‘Boy’ Browning in the tiny chapel of St Wyllow and spent her honeymoon aboard a motor cruiser on Frenchman’s Creek. Perhaps mooring up on Wytham Quay along the secluded creek.

Wytham Quay, Frenchman’s Creek, Helford River, Cornwall

The ‘Iron Duke’ was owned by Percy ‘Powder’ Thurburn who, like Daphne Du Maurier and her heroine, escaped his London society life.

The Iron Duke, Frenchmans Creek, Helford River, Cornwall

The Helford with it’s sailing boats, history and wildlife makes it such a romantic spot, you can see why Tommy & Daphne honeymooned here!

To book your Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure simply click here to find out availability.

Gift Vouchers available too, valid for 12 months – the perfect memorable wedding gift. Gift vouchers are also valid for our North Coast Kayak Adventures too kayaking along the St Agnes Coastline, Poldark Country!

Explore Poldark Country by Koru Kayak!

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With the third series of Poldark about to go on air at the weekend and another series planned for filming in the Autumn what better way to explore Poldark Country than on a Koru Kayak Adventure!

Koru Kayaking’s 2 hour Stunning Guided North Coast Kayak Adventure from Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes takes you past old mining addets, into caves and through archways carved out in the mining era.

Kayaking into caves, through archways, St Agnes Coastline

Kayaking through the waves at Trevaunance Cove, past the old harbour wall of the bygone mining era – we are in Poldark country. St Agnes itself was once a thriving mining village, Blue Hill Tin Mine in Trevellas is still open today.

The Old Harbour Wall, Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes

Kayaking out of the Cove to the left we kayak into the caves and through the archways of Royal Polberro Mine and towards St Agnes Head, a filming location used in the current series – where Poldark gallops towards Nampara. We have been told our yellow kayaks had to be edited out of the last series so who knows you might even get to see Aidan galloping along the clifftops!

You will see glimmers of neon green copper oxide against the jet black of the iron ore rock as you kayak into the caves and at entrance, shelves carved out have become home to roosting guillimots and razerbills from May to July. Resident grey seals are also regularly spotted along this coastline.

‘The Artists Pallet’, St Agnes Coastline

Kayaking to the right of Trevaunance Cove towards Wheal Prudence Mine and Cligga we pass Trevellas, used as a film location in the first Poldark series in the 1980s.


We see waterfalls cascading down the rocks from the mining addets at Chain Locker Beach and Waterfall Bay, kayak through the giant archway, Gadger, and when the swell permits into ‘The Prison’ a walled beach, which has to be seen to be believed and was recently featured on The BBC’s The One Show!

The Prison, a walled beach, St Agnes Coastline

Koru Kayaking’s guides are Cornish Mining Ambassadors and Koru Kayaking supports Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Cornwall Seal Group and local wildlife groups and so your knowledgeable guides will bring the coastline to life with their informative commentary.

Although not a Poldark film location Koru’s Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure, along the ancient lined river banks of the Helford River and down Frenchman’s Creek, is also worth a visit and has been the main inspiration for Daphne due Maurier’s novel Frenchman’s Creek.

Koru Kayaking

2 Hour Guided Kayak Adventure, Tandem Sit on Top Kayaks. No prior experience required. A full briefing is given before all our kayak adventures and all equipment supplied.

Capacity: 2- 8 people


email: enquiries@korukayaking.co.uk

Facebook: Koru Kayaking, Twitter: KoruTom, Instragram: Koru Kayaking, You Tube: Koru Adventures

Wildlife Watch: What to look out for this Spring on the Helford River & Creeks

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We have kayaking out along the Helford River and it’s creeks on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures since mid February and have been delighted to enjoy some wonderful wildlife sightings and perhaps the most special moment was mooring up at the end of Frenchman’s Creek by the Iron Duke wreck and seeing the leaves burst out of the buds on the trees over Easter weekend.

Spring has sprung, the river is coming to life with wildlife.


Earlier in the year the herons could be spotted perched in the branches of the ancient oak trees along Frenchman’s Creek, but more recently they have be scarce. Yet kayak along Polwheveral Creek on our low tide tour and you can hear the familiar squarks of the prehistoric looking birds. They are nesting high up in the ancient oaks trees in the heronry.

Herons nesting, Polwheveral Creek Herony, Cornwall


The egrets  have swelled in numbers this year too with Little Egrets and Cattle Egrets being sighted. The cattle egrets are slightly smaller and rarer than Little Egrets and often spend time by cattle. Until recently the fields along Frenchman’s Creek have been filled with cattle and cattle egrets.

Meanwhile the Little Egret is a small white heron with white feathers, black legs, black beak and yellow feet. It only appeared in the UK in 1989 and was bred in Dorset in 1996. Often thought of as an African bird, it is now a regular find on the Helford River and creeks for breeding and winter visits.

Herons and Little Egrets, Helford River, Cornwall


We just love seeing this birds soaring high up above the tree tops looking for their next prey. They are around all year, but they soar, display and call most in Spring!

Buzzard in flight, Helford River, Cornwall



There have been several sighting of Shelducks this Spring. Their black and white markings and bright red beaks make them look like large oyster catchers! They are ducks though, bigger than a mallard, but smaller than a goose. Numbers swell in Spring and they certainly have swelled on the Helford this year!

To join our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures simply contact us to book your adventure!

Gift Vouchers valid for 12 months available too!

Happy wildlife spotting! Am hopeful we will spot a seal or dolphin again in May, watch this space!

Spring: What to look out for on our North Coast Kayak Adventures from St Agnes

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The wildlife along our St Agnes coastline is simply stunning at this time of year. These are the birds and mammals you are likely to see whilst out on our North Coast Kayak Adventure this Spring.

Grey seals

The grey seals are popping up as curious as ever and it is good to see the resident bull seal ‘Silverback’ his usual sociable and inquisitive self!

The Atlantic Grey seal can live up to 30 to 40 years old and so we should be seeing him for a few more years yet!  There are a few greay seals being sighted at the moment and their numbers will swell later in the year – more on that in our Summer Wildlife update!

Find out more about grey seals with Cornwall Seal Group and at St Agnes Marine Conservation Group.

'Silverback' the resident bull seal, St Agnes Coastline, Cornwall

‘Silverback’ the resident bull seal, St Agnes Coastline, Cornwall


Swimming around us along the St Agnes Coastline, Cornwall


Guillimots and Razerbills

The guillemots and razerbills are here from March through to end July, during their breeding season, before heading back out to sea. They can be seen lined up on the ledges of caves carved out during the Cornish Mining era of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Razerbilll on the cave ledge, St Agnes coastline

Oyster Catchers

The oyster catchers are a permanent resident along the St Agnes Coastline clustering on the rocks. Their bright orange beaks and black and white feathers are stunning sight to see – they are quite noisy too and so you usually hear them before you seen them!  Interestingly despite being called Oyster Catchers they actually live off mussels and cockles found on the coast.

Oyster catchers, St Agnes Coastline, Cornwall

These are just some of the amazing animals that can be seen on our St Agnes Coastline in Spring. To join our Koru Adventures simply contact us.

Gift Vouchers are available too and make for a unforgettable present!


Koru Kayaking make it onto French National News

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Koru Kayaking took international bloggers out on the their Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure, from the Budock Vean Hotel this week and ended up on France 2 – French National News which was aired tonight! (23 March 2017, 32 minutes in! )

French blogger, Adeline Grassin of Voyagesetc.fr, was interviewed by France 2 whilst on the Kayak Adventure. They interviewed about the power of blogging and how blogs make a great research tool for travelling and holidays.

When Captain Bligh from Muntiny on the Bounty came to the Helford

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Captain William Bligh

Have you been riveted by the recent series re-enacting Captain Bligh’s Mutiny on the Bounty, entitled ‘Mutiny‘ on Channel 4? We have! Especially with his connections to Cornwall and the Helford.

Mutiny, Channel 4

Captain Bligh, a Naval Officer, whose ship was taken over by its crew leaving him cast off into the sea. Although registered as being born in Plymouth, Devon, his ancestral home is Tinten Manor in St Tudy, nr Bodmin, Cornwall.

After travelling around the world his Admiralty stationed him on the Helford in 1803 to assess its defenses during the Napoleonic War. However, it seems luck was not on his side again, after over zealous local constabulary arrested him thinking he was a spy!

One of the potential defenses being assessed by Helford Village, Cornwall

The Captain was not best pleased at being taken under arrest to the Vicarage in Manacan, just above Gillan Creek. He refused to reveal his identity to both the local constabulary and magistrate and so was locked away in an outhouse.

Eventually they released him and he was left in the Vicarage parlour with the Reverend Polwhele. The Reverend reports in Traditions and Recollections vol 11

“But a moment’s conversation with Captain Bligh discovered all the gentleman. In an act of duty he had been roughly treated and he resented it. But, his anger evaporating, he even joined me in commending the loyal zeal of my parishioners – the woodcocks were produced for supper, and a variety of wines such as there were; and it was two o’clock in the morning before we parted, I may say mutually pleased

It is amazing to think that just 200 years ago in 1803 Captain Bligh was cruising along the Helford River and it’s creeks, as we follow in his footsteps on our Koru Kayak Adventures – hopefully never to be arrested for being spies!

Kayaking along the Helford in Captain Bligh’s footsteps

You can follow in Captain Bligh’s footsteps on the Helford on one of our daily Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures for availability and timings please contact us or call 0779 4321 827.

Further interest is Captain Bligh: Man, Myth, Mutiny at The Maritime Museum,Falmouth 17 March 2017 – 7 January 2018 where you can see a replica Bounty ship and the coconut cup that Captain Bligh used on his fateful journey.