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Koru Adventures Abroad

Kayaking on The Great Ocean Road, Australia

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Kayaking on the Great Ocean Road offers both sea kayaking and river kayaking.

Travelling from Melbourne we started the Great Ocean Road in Torquay, opting to stay in Anglesey, where kayagoroos roam the local golf course! Our first glimpse of the amazing wildlife we were about to encounter!

Kangroos on the golf course, Angelsey, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Kayaking in Anglesea marshes

We were delighted to find kayaks for hire along the outback rivers in Anglesea Paddle Boat and Canoe Hire. Tranquil waters were meanered along the river banks of grasses and were delighted to spot a marsh hen rustling in the grass.

Marsh Hen in the grasses, Kayaking Great Ocean Road, Australia

Further along the waterways a more familiar encounter, cormorants, like we see on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures in Cornwall.

Cormorants inthe marshes, Anglesey, Great Ocean Road, Australia

See out YouTube video on KoruAdventures

Kayaking in the sea with Australian fur seals

A short drive along the Great Ocean Road and you reach the Otways and the stunning Apollo Bay.

Just before we reached it we did spot our first wild Koala enroute!

Koru’s Thailand Adventure 2014/5

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Kayaking hot spots in Thailand. This country is surrounded by a stunning coastline with limestone islands and crystal clear waters.

The Four Island trip from Koh Lanta takes to you to a stunning kayak destination with caves and tropical fish to snorkel around.

Kayaking in Thailand, Koru Kayaking

Tropical fish koh lanta, thailand

Another stunning kayaking destination is the little known Koh Kood. An island surrounded by golden beaches and palm trees.
Kayaking Koh Kood Palm Beach

Koru’s first adventure was around the mangroves behind the beach. Kayaking past stilt houses and under wooden bridges. Calm a peaceful waters.

houses on stilts koh kood Kayaking mangroves Koh Kood Koh Kood

Then our full day kayak adventure around the south of the island saw beaches filled with palm trees on the way back we were in for a treat as we watched the sunset we looked up and saw we were not alone – wild monkey’s had come to watch it too!

Monkeys Koh Kood sunset kayaking koh kood

Tom even managed to find a wave to surf kayak in to the beach!

surf kayaking Koh Kood

Thailand is a stunning country to visit with great food, culture and beaches and if you go a bit off the beaten track there are some stunning undiscovered kayak adventures too!

Koru’s next adventure…

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Koru’s Tom and Hetty are busy preparing for some kayak adventures in Thailand. Last year we managed to squeeze in a week after Vietman and loved it so much we are going back to explore some more!

The Beach, Thailand, Koru Kayaking

Leonardo’s Di Caprios beach in the film ‘The Beach’, Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Last year we went in search of ‘The Beach’. A stunning palm tree beach set between stunning rocks of Phi Phi Don, a nature reserve. Stunning, but very popular with tourists and no kayaks in sight! I definitely could envisage the film ‘The Beach’ as the island has a wild camp in the middle of the island. No waterfall though, apparently that was filmed in Northern Thailand and so we are going in search of that this time – not sure if I’ll jump off it though!  We did find another stunning beach set in the heart of the Trang Islands. Reminiscent of ‘The Prison’ on our North Coast Kayak Adventure along the St Agnes Coastline, only this walled beach had a tropical rain forest in it and lots of people!


Emerald Cave, Trang Islands, Thailand


The Prison, St Agnes, Cornwall, Koru Kayaking

The Prison, St Agnes Coastline, Cornwall, UK

There is even a tunnel you swim through to reach Emerald Cave…


Swimming through the tunnel to Emerald Cave, Thailand

we kayak or moor up and walk into The Prison on Koru’s North Coast Kayak Adventure

Kayaking into the Prison, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK, Koru Kayaking

Kayaking into the Prison, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK, Koru Kayaking

We did find some kayaking in Thailand too, kayaking around the Trang Islands into caves and snorking around the corals filled with tropical fish.  
Hoping to do some kayaking in the mountains and Northern Thailand this year, and find that waterfall!

Koru Kayaking will be closed from the 23rd December to 24th January 2015. Kayaking on Frenchman’s Creek recommences 25th January with complementary hot chocolate and hobknobs and North Coast Kayak Adventures as soon the sea lets us (hopefully Feb / March 2015)!

Still taking orders for gift vouchers throughout January, but will be emailed and posted out when we return at end of January.

Happy Christmas and a New Year everyone!

Koru Adventures in Thailand – January & February 2014

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“The Beach” made famous by Leonardo De Capprio – Ko Phi Phi


Restaurant with a view on Hat Khlong Hin beach on Ko Lanta


Kayaking around Ko Chueak south of Ko Lanta


Hetty & Tom in a cave in one of the Trang Islands


Kayaking around Trang Islands


Beautiful azure seas with coral reefs off the island of Ko Ngai


Sergeant Major Fish following Hetty snorkeling


Lots of Sergeant Major Fish!


Swimming through 200ft cave to get to Emerald Cave


Arriving at Emerald Cave on the Trang Island



View from Ko Ngai to the Trang Islands


Stunning coral with plenty of marine life


Amazing Thai street food in Phuket Old Town


Lively Sunday Street Market in Phuket Old Town


Amazing beach at Hat Nui on Ko Lanta



A great way to watch the sunset after a day kayaking – Ko Lanta

If you are considering going to Thailand or would like to hear further details of our great adventure in Thailand please email Tom & Hetty at enquiries@korukayaking.co.uk

Koru Adventures in Vietnam – January 2014

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 Kayaking Cat Ba Island & Halong Bay

Kayaking Vietnam

Floating Villages

Kayaking Vietnam

Kayaking to our hotel on Num Cat Island

Kayaking Vietnam

Stunning beach near Cat Ba Island

Kayaking Vietnam

Monkey Island

Kayaking Vietnam

The reason why it’s called Monkey Island

Kayaking Vietnam

View of our hotel from one of the many limestone islands

Kayaking Vietnam

Archway to “The Hidden Lagoon”

Kayaking Vietnam

Entering the Hidden Lagoon

Discovering the caves in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Adventures Vietnam

Stalactites in Paradise Cave

Adventures Vietnam

Stalagmites in Phong Nha Cave

Adventures Vietnam

Exploring Phong Nha Cave by boat


 The entrance to Phong Nha Cave

Visiting the picturesque town of Hoi An

Adventures Vietnam

Rickshaws on the banks of the river

Adventures Vietnam

Lanterns on the river

Adventures Vietnam

Beautiful architecture surrounds the river banks

Adventures Vietnam

 Hoi An is famous for it’s colourful lanterns

Kayaking and exploring Phu Quoc Island

Adventures Vietnam

Fisherman going out to sea before sunset

Kayaking Vietnam

Beautiful beaches on the North of the island

Kayaking Vietnam

Fishing boats with Cambodian islands on the horizon

Kayaking Vietnam


Enjoying a 2 mile beach on the South West of the island with not a tourist in sight.

If you are considering going to Vietnam or would like to hear further details of our great adventure in Vietnam please email Tom & Hetty at enquiries@korukayaking.co.uk