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Autumn is a wonderful time of year to enjoy spotting wildlife out on the Helford River and it’s creeks!


The ever elusive kingfishers have swelled in number during the summer with several spotted flying along the banks of Frenchman’s Creek and Polwheveral Creek. Blink and you will miss them! Look out for a flash of bright blue and orange, but don’t worry recently they are being spotted very regularly!

Pacific kingfishers are sacred to the Polynesians, who believe their Kingfishers control the seas and waves! However, here in the UK, although not sacred they are a very popular bird to spot, perhaps due to their brilliant colour and elusiveness!

Kingfishers. Frenchmans Creek Kayak Adventure, Cornwall

Common kingfisher. Helford River, Cornwall


Herons are regularly spotted on the Frenchman’s Creek on our high tide tour and Polwheveral Creek on our low tide tour. Although predeminnantly sedantary in the UK, herons will migrate after breeding by night! They are waders and are related to the egret, a smaller white feathered bird.

heron flying

Heron in flight, Frenchman’s Creek, Helford River, Cornwall


Little Egrets 

Herons and Little Egrets, Helford River, Cornwall

Herons and Little Egrets, Helford River, Cornwall

The Little Egret, has a smaller body than they grey herons beautiful white plumage, with yellow wader feet. Almost made extinct in the 1800s due to the over hunting of the birds using their feathers in their hats! They usually mate and nest by the waters edge, but on the Helford River and creeks, their nests are high up in the ancient oak trees. Commonly spotted at the herony, Polwheveral Creek and also on Frenchman’s Creek and Port Navas Creek.

These are just a few of the species that can be seen on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures and Helford River Cruises. See you on the water soon!