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Corporate Kayaking Activities in Cornwall

Kayaking in Cornwall with Koru Kayaking is an amazing team building activity. The adventures on the North Coast and Frenchmans Creek also make a great relaxed day out. We can take up to 10 people on any adventure and can run multiple adventures over one day allowing a maximum of 40 people a day to enjoy the experience.

The tandem kayaks mean team work is required and there will be opportunities to go swimming, explore hidden beaches and go through caves and archways on the North Coast and find shipwrecks and enjoy the peaceful Frenchman’s Creek on the Helford River.

We have taken teams from the local hospital and accommodation providers, who had a great time on the water and all said it was a great way to meet the team outside a working arena.  There has also been other companies who have come kayaking to say a thank you to their staff and has been an opportunity to get the families together out of the office.                                                        +44 (7794) 321827