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A beautiful Valentines Day February morning, the sun shining, a light wind, what better place to be than kayaking on the Helford River and Frenchman’s Creek.

Kayaking along Frenchman’s Creek

The sparton ancient oak trees glistening in the February early spring sunshine and not a breath of wind, paddling to the sound of woodpeckers and silence. Not another sole about apart from the wildlife.

Herons glide through the air as we paddle along Frenchman’s Creek and lovely duck couple sit on a fallen tree enjoying basking in the sunshine, not long until the ducklings arrive perhaps.

Herons on Frenchman’s Creek

Three herons enjoying the sunshine on Frenchman’s Creek

A couple of ducks on Frenchman’s Creek













Fab to be wearing sunglasses in February in the UK!

So fab to be wearing sunglasses too in February! Cornwall in the sunshine is just the best place to be! Fancy joining us on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures, the forecast is looking great too!