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The evenings are starting to draw in, the leaves starting to turn and the Helford River and it’s creeks become a blaze of colour.

A blaze of colour as the oak trees turn, bright blue skies, Port Navas Creek

Kayaking along in the Autumnal sunshine the skies so blue.

Kayaking along the Helford River with Autumnal blue skies

Fallen trees left to rot make stunning natural art and are enjoyed by an abundance birdlife including the common kingfisher, whose wings are cobalt blue and breast bright orange mimicking the autumnal colours.

Fallen trees, natures art, Frenchman’s Creek

In contrast the Little Egrets perch in trees with their bright white feathers looking like lanterns. Numbers swell at this time of the year and herons can also be seen along this stretch of waterway.

The Helford River was made a conservation are in 1987 and has a herony.

Herons ad Little Egrets


The sunsets can be stunning too with bright blue and pink clouds reflecting on the water.

Sunset on The Helford

Koru Kayaking offer Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures into December with the river becomes even more peaceful. Autumn is a fantastic time of year to kayak with wildlife in an abundance, quiet waters and stunning scenery.