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Barrell Jellyfish

Several Barrell Jellyfish have been sighted on the Helford this week. In May through to October they are drawn into the shore by plankton blooms, which are plentiful source of food for them. Their bell can reach up to 90 cm across and they can weight up to 35kg. This coincides with the Leatherback Turtle migration whose favourite food are Barrell Jellyfish, so who knows we may get to see a turtle over the summer months too!

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Cormorants are an all year round species found on the Helford River and creeks. They have black feathers and can fly under water to catch fish. However, their wings are not waterproof and so we often find them perched on a buoy with their wings stretched out drying off.

In China these birds are used by fishermen to catch fish. A noose is tied around their neck so they can only swallow small fish and then catch the larger fish for the fishermen.

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On the Helford River creeks we have the Mute Swan. Locals have supported them creating nests for them around the river. We have seen a large group if upto 5 juvenile swans that gather on Frenchman's Creek. Their feathers still slightly grey in colour, but over the last few days the group has dispersed and couples and individuals are now being sighted either on the river, along Frenchman's Creek and Port Navas creek. Then female swan is known has a 'Pen' and the male a 'cob' and once they meet at four years are they are mates for life. They can live for up to 10 years.

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