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We have kayaking out along the Helford River and it’s creeks on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures since mid February and have been delighted to enjoy some wonderful wildlife sightings and perhaps the most special moment was mooring up at the end of Frenchman’s Creek by the Iron Duke wreck and seeing the leaves burst out of the buds on the trees over Easter weekend.

Spring has sprung, the river is coming to life with wildlife.


Earlier in the year the herons could be spotted perched in the branches of the ancient oak trees along Frenchman’s Creek, but more recently they have be scarce. Yet kayak along Polwheveral Creek on our low tide tour and you can hear the familiar squarks of the prehistoric looking birds. They are nesting high up in the ancient oaks trees in the heronry.

Herons nesting, Polwheveral Creek Herony, Cornwall


The egrets  have swelled in numbers this year too with Little Egrets and Cattle Egrets being sighted. The cattle egrets are slightly smaller and rarer than Little Egrets and often spend time by cattle. Until recently the fields along Frenchman’s Creek have been filled with cattle and cattle egrets.

Meanwhile the Little Egret is a small white heron with white feathers, black legs, black beak and yellow feet. It only appeared in the UK in 1989 and was bred in Dorset in 1996. Often thought of as an African bird, it is now a regular find on the Helford River and creeks for breeding and winter visits.

Herons and Little Egrets, Helford River, Cornwall


We just love seeing this birds soaring high up above the tree tops looking for their next prey. They are around all year, but they soar, display and call most in Spring!

Buzzard in flight, Helford River, Cornwall



There have been several sighting of Shelducks this Spring. Their black and white markings and bright red beaks make them look like large oyster catchers! They are ducks though, bigger than a mallard, but smaller than a goose. Numbers swell in Spring and they certainly have swelled on the Helford this year!

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Happy wildlife spotting! Am hopeful we will spot a seal or dolphin again in May, watch this space!