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We love hearing our about our customers lives. Zdena joined Koru's Helford Kayak Adventure with her daughter Barbara this year. At 73 years old, Zdena, from Czechoslovakia, is a very good kayaker and revealed that she kayaked for the Czech national junior team 1963-1966.

Zdena said "I am originally from Prague, but have lived most of my life in Britain. We used to spend some family holidays in Cornwall with the children when they were small, but I had never been to the Helford River. My daughter visited a few years ago, told me how beautiful and magical the place was and suggested we do some kayaking on the river together. It would also be lovely to rekindle memories of kayaking on a beautiful river."

"Kayaking you can say is in my blood. I started in my teens in Prague from 1963 – 1966 and apart from a few sessions in my late thirties on the River Trent the next time I got in a kayak was this year May 2021 on the Helford River with Tom and Hetty’s Koru Kayaking.
I am quite active physically but being seventy-three years old did not stop me.
Our guide Emma made it a very enjoyable trip on the river as she was so friendly and looked out for us. It was so relaxing and we managed to kayak down Frenchman’s Creek. Beautiful experience. " said Zdena.

Zdena said, "I was a winner of the K2 and K4 junior national competition in Czechoslovakia.
In 1966 I came 3rd in the K4 international competition in Hungary.

Sport is in my blood. My father played for the Czechoslovakian ice hockey team and competed in the winter Olympic games in 1948 and got the silver medal."