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Koru Kayakers were treated to a very special sight today, when they were joined by an Atlantic grey seal just off Durgan.

Seals love feeding on a wide variety of fish from sand eels and cod to octopus and lobsters and need around 5 kg (11 lb) of fish every day, except during the breeding season, when they fast. Atlantic grey seals will also feed on the occasional seabird. Today though the seal had just come to explore inbetween favoured local sights and haulouts.

Atlantic Grey seals are commonly spotted on our North Coast Kayak Adventures, but sometimes on the Helford Koru Kayak Adventures too.
This is a juvenile male seal, but seals can live up to 30-40 year old. They tend to prefer rocky coasts and reefs where they can haul out.
However, this chap enjoyed a bit of swim up the Helford.
They are lovely, inquisitive creatures, but whenever we encounter we stop and let them come to us. Chasing them would mean they would dive under the water and they can dive at depths down to 70 m (230 ft) or more.