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Follow Me, Reporting from Frenchman’s Creek

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I’ve been looking longingly at the people in kayaks winding down the Gannel or nestling the coastline around the harbor on a calm day for a while – it looks so relaxing and a way to feel absolutely like a part of the natural environment. Then I met Hetty from Koru Kayaking last December and didn’t need any more convincing to give it a go although it took celebrating a special birthday with my mum to give the final push to book a tour.

Seduced by the prospect of afternoon tea after our adventure we went to Budock Vean to have the full Frenchman’s Creek experience.  We wound through the gardens getting distracted by the amazing plants in full bloom and met Tom and Hetty who gave us a briefing about the kayaks. Neither mum or I had been in one for years and although we had the option to double up, we were both keen to be able to go our own way – neither one wanting to sit in the back!

I felt like I should be presenting a feature on Countryfile. In my mind I was Julia Bradbury on a mission to report back from an untapped part of Britain. Indeed it really was very peaceful even though it was half term, amazing really seen as it is such a famous spot. It turns out that even Kylie has been here and was filmed at what is now known as ‘Kylie Tree.’

The stories and local knowledge that Tom and Hetty bring really means that you get lost in the surroundings and the rhythmic strokes making you loose a couple of hours without realising. We loved our afternoon with Koru and can’t wait to go on a North Coast tour with its promises of archways and mineral caves to be explored. I’m sure I’ll be picking their brains on what type of kayak to invest in, be warned though you might find some muscles that you didn’t even know you had!

Until then, those sun loungers look extremely inviting…