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Koru Kayaking were awarded Best Overall Experience last night by Flexsi. The Falmouth & Exeter Sports Initiative (FLEXSI) is a recreational sports project set up for students of Falmouth University and University of Exeter to increase student participation in sports & fitness.

The aim is to increase participation in sports across the student population by offering a wide range of activities in a non-competitive environment.

Flexsi Award, Koru Kayaking, University of Exeter

Hetty Wildblood, Koru Kayaking said: “We were thrilled to win the award especially as it is voted by the students!”

University of Exeter Students, Koru Kayaking

Koru Kayaking pick up the students in their 12 seater Landrover Demelza and take them kayaking on their Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure along the Helford River and creek throughout the year.

students kayaking 3

Tom Wildblood, of Koru Kayaking said: “It’s great we have students joining our kayak adventures from all around the world and many come back en experience the North Coast Kayak Adventure and Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventures again with friends and family.”

Students kayaking

Koru Kayaking have helped two students they met through the Flexsi Initiative in their studies. Holly Pretious, Masters student, University of Exeter interviewed and joined kayak adventures with Koru as part of her Masters, on Outdoor Activity Providers and the Environment and  Tom Paxton, second year at the University of Exeter, was set a task to take photos of people working in outdoor pursuits as part of his course so came out and photographed Tom and Hetty in action.

Koru Kayaking, St Agnes, Tom Paxton

Photo by Tom Paxton, Photography Student, University of Exeter

Koru Kayaking, St Agnes, Tom Paxton

Photo by Tom Paxton, Photography Student, University of Exeter

Ty Morgan, of Flexsi said: “Very well deserved. Student feedback on the Koru Kayak Adventures has been very positive and they particularly like the hot chocolate and cake served up in the winter months!”

Hetty said: ” We love working with Flexsi and showing the students a Cornwall from a different perspective, whilst keeping healthy and are looking forward to this year’s adventures starting this Sunday!”