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An Osprey has been spotted on Frenchman’s Creek.  This a rare sighting in Cornwal as it’s main UK stronghold is in Scotland, with some sites in North East England.

Ospreys began breeding in 2001 at Bassenthwaite, in Cumbria, and was introduced at Rutland Water.osprey 12.10.14

The birds migrate between Africa and the UK. Habitually arriving from Africa in late March and April and leaving the UK in August and September so it seems on of the Ospreys is running late – perhaps staying with the lovely warm October we have been having.

Ospreys are not the only African bird sighted on the Helford River Conservation Area creeks. The Little Egrets are a recent colonist, now most common along the south and east coasts of England and Wales along the estuaries of Devon and Cornwall.Egret

Unlike the Osprey, Little Egret numbers increase in autumn and winter as the birds arrive from the Continent for the winter.heron flying 11.10.14

Herons and Kingfishers are also regularly sighted!

kingfisher 12.10.14

Herons in trees