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Students from Exeter University’s new Marine Biology course enjoyed a lecture on the water hosted by Koru Kayaking

lecture on the beach

Steve Votier gives a lecture on the beach

Dr Chris Laing contacted Koru Kayaking booking Koru’s Frenchman’s Creek low tide tours, which launch from the Budock Vean Hotel, as a welcome to Cornwall for the Marine Biology students. Students got to see what is on the door step. The course will take them to far flung places, but it is amazing what marine wildlife we have right here in Cornwall.

lecture on the river banks

Lecture on the Helford River, Cornwall

During the tours sea slugs, mussels, breadcrumb sponges, star ascedians and a variety of sea weeds were just a few of the organisms living on the banks of the Helford River.

star ascedian

Star ascedian, Helford River, Cornwall

star ascedian 2

Star Ascedian, Helford River, Cornwall

sea slug

Sea Slug, Helford River, Cornwall

sea spagetti

Helford River, Cornwall

sea wees searching in the beach

Steve Votier, Senior Lecturer in Natural Environment said: “We wanted the students to have a chance to get out of the classroom and see marine biology in action. The course does take students to far flung places, but it is nice in Fresher’s Week to be able to show the students what is actually on their door step. We hope to make this annual trip.”

Steve Votier is an ornithologist with a particular interest in seabirds and so he and the students enjoyed seeing the egrets,  herons and kingfishers. The egrets, a invasive species from Africa, feed from the muddy riverbed on  low tide.

egret, frenchmans'creek, helford river, cornwall

Student reaction was really positive, despite a Freshers Party the night before they all turning up for this lecture!