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Spring must be on it’s way as today we spotted a barrel Jellyfish on our Frenchman’s Creek Kayak Adventure today!

jellyfish 2 jellyfish, Frenchman's Creek, Koru Kayaking

It was sighted just past the Iron Duke, a shipwreck left there since 1921. Barrel Jelly fish do may look big, but experts say their stings are not powerful enough to harm humans, although people are advised not to handle them.

Frenchman's Creek Shipwreck, Cornwall

We spotted plenty last summer on the North Coast Kayak Adventure, from Trevaunance Cove, but this is a first for Frenchman’s Creek!

This is the second year in a row jellyfish have been spotted inland. They are usually spotted out at sea.  Large numbers where spotted inland in 2014  which was due to a mild winter. Prior to 2014, they hadn’t been spotted in large numbers since 2002. Wonder if this one has some friend’s, seemed to be just him today!

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